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Washroom & Hygiene

Clean Us applies industry leading best practice to its extensive range of washroom services to ensure a total environmental care package for our clients. Clean Us experienced managers listen to customers to ensure that the same required standards are kept throughout the day.

We now provide washroom and toilet deep cleaning services to many of our clients to enhance the appearance of their premises. This works alongside the daily cleaning to keep hygiene standards at the highest level. We offer a full hygiene service including periodic deep cleaning, janitorial supply along with feminine hygiene bins, bio-dosing units and air freshener units.

A washroom site that is not hygienically clean is not only unsightly but is also a base for bacteria to breed. Our services will not only improve the working environment for staff, it will create an impression of higher standards to any visitors that may come to your premises. The benefit of reduced risk of health hazards and reduced maintenance costs from blockages and damaged units also make sense in monetary terms.

The Deep Cleaning Service

We offer a professional package from trained servicemen, which can be adapted to suite whatever individual needs a customer may have. This service is designed to complement your daily cleaning schedule rather than to replace it, as we are mainly concerned with the removal accumulated deposits, and areas that are prone to cross contamination, including areas which are normally overlooked by the daily cleaning routine.

We specifically target the removal of soap and scale from washbasins, uric acid salts from urinals and any organic matter from wc units. The removal of such obstructions can improve dramatically the efficiency of your sanitary units.

Fully Trained Staff Security Cleared: Our staff undergo a full training programme to ensure the highest standards of workmanship. All staff have signed a ‘right of search’ form and will be happy to take part in security checks at all times.

Improved Company Image: Hygienic sites will improve staff morale and impress both customers and clients alike.

Improved Efficiency of Fittings: WC’s and Urinals: Deposits under flushing rims, spurge pipes, traps and domical gratings, considerably reduce flushing efficiency. Removal of these ensures that all units operate in the correct manner.

Washbasins: Traps and overflows tend to become blocked with organic matter. Removal of this can reduce drainage problems.

Call Out Service: When commencing a quarterly washroom contract with Clean Us, you will also be given the option of additional call outs for blocked sinks or toilets, to be used over the period of twelve months. These can be purchased in blocks as required.

Reduced Malodour: This is caused by uric salts and organic residues. By removing these, the usual bad toilet odour should not occur.

Regular Maintenance: As an additional service our engineer can replace plugs and chains along with silicone sealant where necessary. We can also replace broken toilet seats and pull chains and arrange for plumbing repairs at an extremely competitive rate.

Reduced Risk of Health Hazard: Washroom and toilet sites offer a high risk of infection from pathogenic bacteria. Hygienic sites reduce absenteeism and create a healthier environment.

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